Moët Hennessy strengthened their leadership culture with Sharpist

Moët Hennessy
Moët Hennessy strengthened their leadership culture with Sharpist
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Moët Hennessy strengthened their leadership culture with Sharpist

Moët Hennessy aimed to increase resilience, promote self-regulation and process orientation.

Moët Hennessy, the Wines and Spirits Division of LVMH, with its headquarters in Paris, regroups twenty-five Maisons, many of which have been around for centuries, while others are just starting their journey. They decided that they wanted to offer coaching to their top leaders in the DACH region.

They decided to partner with Sharpist due to:

Our ability to tailor the coaching process to their individual needs
Our method of tracking progress on a deep level
Our pool of over 1,000 multilingual coaches worldwide
Moët Hennessy strengthened their leadership culture with Sharpist

Increase resilience, promote self-regulation and process orientation

Thanks to our analytics as well as pre- and post-surveys, we ensured that success was closely measured. Moreover, we were able to see an improvement in all of the focus areas, resulting in the continuation of our partnership with Moët Hennessy.

In order to help develop their leadership, Moët Hennessy chose to focus on such topics as Manager Competence & High Output Management. These topics were integrated into the learning experience by pre-selecting micro tasks from our rich learning library. The learners defined their individual coaching journeys with their respective coaches, who, in turn, connected their personal goals to the overarching company topics.

"My experience with Sharpist was great from the beginning. From the kick-off (onboarding webinar) we were already aware of our goals and what we could achieve with coaching. During the kick-off, I realized that I could even change my coach, which was great to know. For me, it was the right coach match from the beginning! Although I'm not done with my program yet, I think it's really cool to see the positive development during the sessions."

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Julien Marietti
Regional Sales Manager at Moët Hennessy
Moët Hennessy

Digital employee development works.

Results on collaboration with coaches also show that digital offerings, like Sharpist's, are in no way inferior to face-to-face coaching sessions.


satisfied with their Sharpist coach


find that their coach helped them achieve their defined goals


recommend coaching with Sharpist to their colleagues

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