Ensure a successful and timely transformation with Sharpist

Sharpist helps you align your leadership with a common direction and communication across multiple divisions by solidifying your business focus and leadership principles through one-on-one coaching.

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Misalignment of leaders and teams slows transformations

Ensuring a common understanding of a new business direction between all leaders and teams is difficult, as it requires clear communication and repetition.

Everyone must play their part to execute the strategy and proceed with the transformation. However, without the right tools and partners, organizations risk uncoordinated actions that often cost too much to fix.

Reach your transformation milestones in time

By helping your leaders reflect on your organization’s transformation goals and their role in it, you increase clarity and effectiveness.

Empower transformation champions

Your leaders can use one-on-one coaching to address various challenges and learn how to overcome them.

Reinforce organizational principles

Your program is tailored to your organizational requirements, helping change agents unfold their views on transformation.

Track progress and messaging

Discover what drives your employees by tracking progress on your corporate dashboard.

Encourage discussing challenges

Integrated group sessions encourage expert knowledge exchange which supports your leadership in voicing their team's needs during transformation.

Sharpist Transformation Program features

Tailored Transformation Program to your business outcomes
Coaches pre-selection and briefing
Flexible coaching credits
Tailored micro tasks
Ongoing guidance by our coaching experts
360° feedbacks to assess anchoring of core messages

increase in employee engagement


consider Sharpist useful to achieve their goals

500% to 800%

ROI of coaching programs


higher customer satisfaction

Moët Hennessy strengthened their leadership culture with Sharpist

Thanks to our analytics as well as pre- and post-surveys, we ensured that success was closely measured. Moreover, we were able to see an improvement in all of the focus areas, resulting in the continuation of our partnership with Moët Hennessy.

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Learn how we can tailor your Transformation Program to reinforce your key messaging and let us co-design your strategy to secure leadership alignment and buy-in.

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