Level up your business with a world class coaching culture.

Sharpist is the mobile platform for professional growth. Help your managers in becoming inspiring leaders by gifting them individual coaching, scalable on their mobile phones.

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Sharpist contributes to success across your entire organization.

Empowering leaders

Assist your managers in becoming effective communicators. They will learn how to motivate teams, win customers and keep their supervisors in the loop. This will increase the productivity of your teams, reduce sick days and boost employee retention.

Win and retain top talent

Investing into your employees' professional growth underlines how much you care about their development. Learning and development are most important to high potentials. They will stay longer in your company and you will win the best talent for your organization.

Train soft skills sustainably

Learning is a highly individual process. Sharpist offers personalized exercises on everyone's smartphone. This makes learning simple and available during busy days and easy to integrate into a constantly changing working environment.

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One platform for first class professional development

Video coaching

Your employees have a live conversation with their coach via video. Their coaches are leadership experts, psychologists, and top managers.

Personalized exercises

Each exercize is tailored to an individual employee's needs and growth areas.


Easy explanations in snackable lessons ensure that learning becomes a daily habit.

Goal setting

Smart goals ensure a steady motivation and help converting learnings from coaching sessions into day-to-day business.


Individual growth paths demonstrate your employees' progress and assist you in tracking Sharpist's impact on your core KPIs.

Expert Chat

Difficult situations cannot be planned. Our experts are available for your employees at all times and offer their help.

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Measurable impact

  • Sharpist works with  best-in-class coaches.
    We follow a standardized selection process and request that every coach invests into their professional development.

  • The Sharpist approach builds on science.
    In cooperation with scientists and leadership experts we integrate newest findings from positive and behavioral psychology into our exercises.

  • State-of-the-art technology.
    To make world class coaching scalable we combine machine learning and the latest digital solutions with real-world human experience.

  • Measurable success through soft and hard KPIs.
    Our reporting lets you demonstrate the success of your employee development with data.

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