Solutions tailored for your organisation

Every organisation has different needs. At Sharpist, we analyze your company’s goals to develop outcome-driven plans centered on world-class coaching, top e-learning partnerships, and personalised development programs.

Leadership Development

Foster and develop essential leadership skills

  • Self-awareness and self-regulation
  • Delegation and empowerment
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Effective and efficient communication
  • Strategic thinking
Retention of Top Talent

Keep top employees engaged and focused

  • Enable employees to discover their unique meaning and purpose at work
  • Align individual and company mindsets and values
  • Drive engagement to improve retention of top talent
  • Instill reflective practices
Digital transformation

Build resilient people, processes, and teams

  • Establish cultural principles and values
  • Develop leadership for constant change
  • Cultivate agility and resilience
  • Align teams to new organisational strategy
  • Develop change and crisis management skills

Franke Case Example

Outcomes from 6 months program

Mindfulness & self-grown
Goal setting
Goal setting
Drivers & Motivators
Conflict management
HR & office politics

This individual and digital approach perfectly complements our existing L&D measures, so that our people have the ideal blend of online and offline solutions. It enables them a holistic and continuous learning experience.

Kirill Bourovoi Head L&D at Franke

Return on expectation: How we measure ROI at Sharpist

Corporate strategy
Functional strategy
Return on Expectation (ROE)

Corporate objective

Which goal is the coaching geared towards?
  • Employee commitment
  • Individual- and team performance
  • Transitions and transformations
  • Employee retention
  • Leadership skills

Key behaviors

What behaviours should be addressed for the objective to be achieved?
  • Leadership
  • Skills
  • Stress management
  • Communication


How can we measure and demonstrate success?
Qualitative proof tools
  • Micro task topic overview
  • Testimonials/user stories
  • Case studies
  • Feedback
Quantitative proof tools
  • HR dashboard (engagement, satisfaction)
  • Micro task completion rate
  • Progress tracking
  • ROI for specific, measurable corporate results


How do we gather the necessary data?
  • Feedback interviews
  • Progress dashboard
  • 360-degree feedback
  • Client’s learning framework
  • Control groups
  • Assessment data
  • Check-ins
  • Pre/post evaluations