Taking young ALU leaders to the next level with Sharpist coaching

African Leadership University (ALU)
Taking young ALU leaders to the next level with Sharpist coaching

ALU integrated Sharpist coaching into their leadership program to provide learners with a holistic learning experience.

The African Leadership University (ALU) is rated one of the top 50 most innovative companies in the world and is on its mission to produce 3 million young African leaders in the next 50 years. With its over 2,000 students, they are providing young talented and motivated learners with all the skills and education needed to shape Africa's future.

Taking young ALU leaders to the next level with Sharpist coaching

Sharpist and ALU

Sharpist and ALU collaborated to provide 45 leaders with an extensive and holistic learning journey that complemented their internal 9 modules managers program. This program is tailored to the special needs of leaders.

Sharpist has supported the program from the beginning and has provided individual, targeted coaching to the leaders. In addition, they were supported by thematically relevant micro tasks to deepen their learning experience. Based on the Sharpist data on focus area from ALU’s learners, ALU and Sharpist designed and facilitated an additional module to work more intensively on the topic of change management. To make the success of the partnership measurable, Sharpist conducted a survey based on the Sharpist leadership model before and after the program. There were improvements on all dimensions. The largest improvement was visible for the area of change management.

African Leadership University (ALU)

Digital employee development works.

Results on collaboration with coaches also show that digital offerings, like Sharpist's, are in no way inferior to face-to-face coaching sessions.


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