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Sharpist Match³
The third generation of our coach matching technology

What added value does the new Sharpist algorithm offer our customers? 

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What makes Sharpist Match³ so revolutionary?

It's a match! 97% of our customers find the right coach on their first match.
Because Sharpist collects and analyzes more data from employees and coaches than comparable providers. The high, data-driven success rate means an ideal start to your employees' learning journey.
Initial analysis in just 10 minutes.
At the beginning of each coaching journey, employees enter their personal data and goals in the Sharpist app. Based on this information, we find the right coach in no time. More information about our coaches can be found here.
Immediate program start.
The perfect match is found within a very short time. Employees can easily book their first session via the calendar function. A smooth start to their personal development journey. And zero effort for talent development

Sharpist process at a glance: How employees achieve their goals

Initial goal analysis
10 minutes
Coach matching
max. 24 hours
Coach Match³
First coaching session
14 - 21 days
Reflection and refinement of goals
14 - 21 days
6 - 10 weeks

What learners say about their coach

Sharpist’s coach matching system was incredibly efficient. Within a very short time, I was assigned a coach who perfectly matched my needs. A seamless start to my coaching journey!
Stephan H.
Senior Manager, Technology Sector
I was impressed with the accuracy of the matching. The platform took into account my goals and preferences and connected me with a coach who was not only professionally competent, but also a great personal match. Thank you, Sharpist, for this accurate selection!
Julia M.
High potential, Finance
Working with my coach has been absolutely transformative. She has helped me overcome obstacles that have been weighing me down for a long time and has given me tools to better manage stress and improve my work-life balance. I am thrilled with the results and look forward to making further progress.
Anna S.
Leader, Automotive Industry

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More about coaching

Coaching is a transformative tool for personal and professional development. It differs from traditional teaching by fostering a collaborative partnership. In personal coaching, the focus is on life goals and well-being, while executive coaching enhances leadership and strategic thinking. Career coaching guides through career choices, and sports coaching boosts athletic skills.

Key techniques include active listening for deeper understanding, powerful questioning to inspire critical thinking, and setting SMART goals for clear action plans. Coaches provide accountability and feedback, driving motivation and progress.

The impact of coaching is substantial, leading to increased self-awareness, confidence, and clarity in goals. In organizations, it enhances leadership, team dynamics, and productivity, building a culture of continuous learning. Coaching is not just a present solution but an investment in future success, aiding individuals and organizations to navigate life's challenges and achieve their fullest potential.