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Turnkey learning journey

Ready-made learning journeys tailored to different objectives, enabling a quick start within just 48 hours, and providing a structured path for effective skill development.
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Custom learning journey

Create customized learning journeys that are precisely tailored to your company's specific goals. These include individual coaching sessions and targeted micro-tasks to ensure that what you learn is integrated into everyday life in a sustainable way.
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Comparing coaching models: the case for flexible user credits

On-Demand Coaching

Specific but less effective with sporadic use
Return on Investment (ROI)
Lower with irregular usage; higher individual costs

Flatrate Coaching

Continuous, but may lead to unnecessary oversupply due to fixed cost structures.
Return on Investment (ROI)
Lower with irregular usage, as fixed monthly fees may not be justified when services are not consistently utilized.

Sharpist Credit Model

Highest, as users can tailor services as needed
Return on Investment (ROI)
Highest, optimal cost control and efficient utilization

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Since our company was founded, we have pursued the vision of supporting all people individually in their personal and professional development from their first internship to retirement. We are convinced that reflective employees and managers are more productive and happier.
This is how we shape successful organizations and a healthier society with Sharpist.

We find the perfect solution for each person and their company. Because people, organizations and cultures are unique. That's why every Sharpist coaching program is tailored to individual values and ambitions. Our platform enables employees to achieve their goals effectively and measurably.

Hendrik Schriefer
CEO and co-founder
Fabian Niedballa
CCO and co-founder

What our clients say

Thomas Huber
CEO at SKAN Group
Stéphanie Eggenberger
former HR Director at Givaudan
Thomas Ullram
Global Marketing Director Taste and Wellbeing at Givaudan
Laura Rossetti
Head of Operations Zürich at Givaudan

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Frequently asked questions

In which languages is the app and dashboard available?
The Sharpist app and dashboard are available in English and German, and the coaching sessions take place in your preferred language, thanks to our global network of 1000+ coaches in over 60 countries.
How long will it take to implement Sharpist in my organization?
The implementation time for our turnkey solutions is basically immediate, but employee onboarding usually takes about 2 weeks to ensure they are able to maximize the potential of our offerings.
Why doesn't Sharpist offer a flat rate for coaching?
At Sharpist, we firmly believe that sustainable development takes time and an individual approach. A flat rate does not allow room to incorporate the complexity and uniqueness of each leader and their challenges. Through customized fee systems, we can ensure that our highly qualified coaches can focus intensively on the needs of each individual - at a speed best suited to them. This personalized support not only ensures maximum development success, but also underscores our commitment to quality and excellence.
Why does Sharpist offer only one coach to each learner?
Our team of psychologists and our algorithm achieve an impressive 97% match rate. Our team's selection is based on scientific evidence with the clear goal of finding an optimal match. We recommend learners to get to know their coaches in the first session. If the match is not ideal, we are happy to look for a new coach to ensure that the needs are optimally met.
Why does Sharpist have a network of 1000 coaches and not 3000 or more like other providers?
We maintain a high quality standard and carefully select coaches who achieved internationally recognized certifications, and have had years of business and leadership experience. Our selection is based on a stringent process that ensures that only the most qualified coaches are accepted into our network. In addition, we continuously invest in the ongoing training of our coaches to ensure that they are always up to date. Through regular Coach Dedication Days, we encourage knowledge sharing and connection among our coaches, which ensures the quality of our services and their continuous development.
Can unused credits be transferred to other employees?
Yes, it is possible to transfer credits. Interestingly, thanks to our high utilization rate of 80%, this is rarely done, but we do offer credit transfers depending on the contract. Speak to your Sharpist point of contact for more information.
Is my company's data safe with Sharpist?
The Sharpist app and dashboard are available in English and German, and the coaching sessionYes, the security of your data is a top priority at Sharpist. We use state-of-the-art security measures, including two-factor authentication (2FA) and ISO 27001 certification, to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your information.s take place in your preferred language, thanks to our global network of 1000+ coaches in over 60 countries.
Does Sharpist offer onboarding and customer support?
Yes, we offer comprehensive onboarding and personalized customer support, including kick-off webinars for HR and employees as well as optional on-site appointments. In addition, the Sharpist Service Desk is available around the clock to handle your requests.

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More about coaching

Coaching is a transformative tool for personal and professional development. It differs from traditional teaching by fostering a collaborative partnership. In personal coaching, the focus is on life goals and well-being, while executive coaching enhances leadership and strategic thinking. Career coaching guides through career choices, and sports coaching boosts athletic skills.

Key techniques include active listening for deeper understanding, powerful questioning to inspire critical thinking, and setting SMART goals for clear action plans. Coaches provide accountability and feedback, driving motivation and progress.

The impact of coaching is substantial, leading to increased self-awareness, confidence, and clarity in goals. In organizations, it enhances leadership, team dynamics, and productivity, building a culture of continuous learning. Coaching is not just a present solution but an investment in future success, aiding individuals and organizations to navigate life's challenges and achieve their fullest potential.