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Lean and automated processes with Sharpist's coaching platform

With the digital procurement solution for business coaching, you can reduce time-consuming manual processes and lower your process costs. At the same time, Sharpist ensures transparency in purchasing and personnel development, which relieves the burden on operational purchasing and HR.
This is how Sharpist increases your return on investment:

More efficiency, transparency and full control

Reduction in process costs and more freed up time and capacity for strategic personnel development
An end-to-end digital coaching process: from the first coach matching within 24 hours to measuring effectiveness based on your specific company KPIs
L&D dashboard for easy program management and clear key figures on the progress and user behavior of all participants
Extensive self-service functions for employees through the intuitive Sharpist app, which offers a 5-star user experience
Complete cost control and placement of top coaches at the best conditions through Sharpist as the only creditor
Customer support that handles all employee queries and finds a solution within 6 hours

Guaranteed quality and better results

Access to over 1000 of the top 3% of coaches worldwide via one platform.
More info about our coaches here
97% of employees find the right coach the first time they are matched thanks to Sharpist Match³ technology.
More info about Sharpist-Match³
Easy access to coaching for your employees via an app, anytime and anywhere
Integration of micro-tasks continuously supports the learning process and increases the applicability and transfer of knowledge by 20%
Ability for employees to track their goals directly in the Sharpist app and document progress
Sharpist is the leading provider of tailor-made coaching programs in the DACH region, with a proven track record of advancing managers' skills.

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Number of employees participating in the coaching program
Duration of the coaching in months

Calculate what you would save when working with Sharpist instead of doing in-house

Calculation basis:

Costs per employee managing the coaching program

  • Gross annual salary: Variable input (example: €65,000)
  • Social security contributions: 20% of gross salary
  • Training and further education costs: Avg. €1,300 per employee
  • Workplace costs: Avg. €10,680 per year

Effective working hours:

  • The calculation is based on a 37.5 hour week.
  • The calculation takes into account 61 days of absence per year, broken down by:
    • Average sick days: 22
    • Public holidays: 9 
    • Paid time off: 30
  • Effective working days: 203 days per year
  • Effective working hours: 1,522.5 hours per year

Monthly working hours:

  • Effective working days per month: 16.9
  • Working hours per month: 126.8

Assumptions for the time required for an employee to manage their own coaching program without a platform:

One-time effort:

  • Search for suitable coaches
    Sourcing, interviewing and selecting qualified coaches according to company needs.
    • Time required: 180 minutes
  • Selection and assessment of a suitable coach
    Checking the qualifications and references of the selected coach.
    • Time required: 90 minutes
  • Briefing of the coach on the company situation
    Exchange of information with the coach about the company situation.
    • Time required: 120 minutes
  • Analysis of the employees' goals
    Recording the individual goals of the employees.
    • Time required: 60 minutes
  • Coordination and selection of the coach
    Confirmation of the coach in consultation with the employees.
    • Time required: 30 minutes
  • Coordination of appointments for the first session:
    Organization of the first coaching appointment.
    • Time required: 45 minutes

Recurring effort:

  • Follow-up communication
    Monitoring of coaching progress and communication as needed.
    • Time required: 30 minutes per month
  • Creation and sending of surveys
    Obtaining feedback through surveys before and after coaching to study its impact on their performance and growth.
    • Time required: 45 minutes per month
  • Analysis and reporting
    Analyzing survey results, creating reports and drawing learnings from it.
    • Time required: 45 minutes per month
  • Invoicing and cost verification
    Processing individual payments and reviewing separate coach invoices.
    • Time required: 45 minutes per month

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Kosten pro Mitarbeiter:in, der/die das Coaching-Programm managed:

  • Bruttolohn im Jahr: Variable Eingabe (Beispiel: 65.000 €)
  • Sozialabgaben (pauschal Aufschlag von 20% des Lohns): (addiert)
  • Kosten Schulungen und Weiterbildung: Durchschnittlich 1.300 Euro pro Mitarbeiter:in (addiert)
  • Arbeitsplatzkosten: Durchschnittlich 10.680 Euro pro Jahr (addiert)

Berechnung der effektiven Arbeitszeit:

  • Die Berechnung basiert auf einer 37,5 Stunden-Woche.
  • Die Berechnung berücksichtigt folgende Fehltage
    • Fehltage: 61 Tage pro Jahr (berücksichtigt)
      • (Durchschnittliche Krankheitstage/ Jahr : 22, 9 Feiertage/Jahr, 30 Urlaubstage im Jahr = 61 Fehltage/ Jahr)
  • Effektive Arbeitstage: 203 Tage pro Jahr (berücksichtigt)
  • Effektive Arbeitsstunden: 1.522,5 Stunden pro Jahr (berücksichtigt)

Monatliche Arbeitszeit:

  • Effektive Arbeitstage/Monat: 16,9
  • Arbeitstunden/ Monat: 126,8

Annahmen für den Zeitaufwand, den eine*r Mitarbeiter:in benötigt, um ein eigenes Coaching-Programm ohne Plattform zu managen:

Einmaliger Aufwand:

  • Suche nach geeigneten Coaches
    • Beschreibung: Auswahl qualifizierter Coaches entsprechend den Unternehmensbedürfnissen.
    • Zeitaufwand: 180 Minuten (einmalig)
  • Auswahl und Prüfung eines geeigneten Coachs:
    • Beschreibung: Überprüfung der Qualifikationen und Referenzen des ausgewählten Coachs.
    • Zeitaufwand: 90 Minuten (einmalig)
  • Briefing des Coachs zu den Unternehmenssituationen:
    • Beschreibung: Informationsaustausch mit dem Coach über die Unternehmenslage.
    • Zeitaufwand: 120 Minuten (einmalig)
  • Analyse der Ziele der Mitarbeitenden:
    • Beschreibung: Erfassung der individuellen Ziele der Mitarbeitenden.
    • Zeitaufwand: 60 Minuten (einmalig)
  • Abstimmung und Auswahl des Coachs:
    • Beschreibung: Bestätigung des Coachs in Abstimmung mit den Mitarbeitenden.
    • Zeitaufwand: 30 Minuten (einmalig)
  • Terminkoordination für die erste Sitzung:
    • Beschreibung: Organisation des ersten Coaching-Termins.
    • Zeitaufwand: 45 Minuten (einmalig)

Wiederkehrender Aufwand:

  • Follow-up Kommunikation:
    • Beschreibung: Überwachung des Coaching-Fortschritts und Kommunikation bei Bedarf.
    • Zeitaufwand: 30 Minuten pro Monat
  • Erstellung und Versand von Umfragen:
    • Beschreibung: Einholung von Feedback durch Umfragen vor und nach dem Coaching.
    • Zeitaufwand: 45 Minuten pro Monat
  • Analyse und Berichterstattung:
    • Beschreibung: Auswertung der Umfrageergebnisse und Erstellung von Berichten.
    • Zeitaufwand: 45 Minuten pro Monat
  • Rechnungsstellung und Kostenprüfung:
    • Beschreibung: Abwicklung von Zahlungen und Überprüfung von Coach-Rechnungen.
    • Zeitaufwand: 45 Minuten pro Monat

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