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Why Sharpist

image self directed learning

Self-directed, sustainable learning

Customized, ready-to-go learning journeys and micro tasks focusing on transformation and change.

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An L&D program that employees love

An average utilization rate of 80% and a 3x higher company-wide uptake.

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Plug and play

Get your tailored program up and running in just 48 hours.

top 3 percent of coaches

Top 3% of coaches

We only work with certified coaches with strong leadership and coaching experience.

Watch your leaders grow

Sharpist's analytics and goal tracking offer measurable insights into leaders' progress.

We empower your L&D team and the organisation

Learning and development

Self-directed learning meets company strategy

HR can now set up a development program that focuses on the specific needs of each leader, and supports the organization's goals.

Leadership empowerment & HR insights

We enable HR to support leaders navigate through organizational change and understand leaders' challenges thanks to a powerful L&D dashboard.

Easy program management & reporting

With Sharpist, we help you to steer the whole development program - from onboarding to goal tracking and real-time insights into program progress and impact

Sustainable learning in the moment of need

Transformations are an ongoing process. Stop shut-gun learning and provide a program that combines coaching with tailored learning journeys

Your employees

Flexibility & easy accessible

Access coaching & microtasks anytime, anywhere, from any device with our app. No travel time or costs involved.

Effective and individual support

Get your leaders ready to navigate through change with the help of an experienced and certified coach that matches the learner's profile.

Goal tracking & aha! moments:

Our app tracks each learner's progress and logs their learnings after each coaching session

5* support

We make sure the coaching sessions run smoothly and are happy that 97.9% of learners are amazed by the great support from our team.

How we design a program putting your transformation goals at the heart of it

Micro tasks and learning journeys

We customize and align content to your organizational goals.

Coach briefing & matching

Thanks to a full briefing of our coaches and a respective matching process, we find the best business coaches to support your company in achieving its targets.

Customer support and regular check-ins with hr

From program roll-out to quarterly reviews, our exceptional customer service consistently receives a net promoter score of 70+, supporting HR every step of the way to drive change & transformation.

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Empower leaders to navigate transformation with Sharpist's learning journey

Drive impactful change within your organization. Discover a tailored learning journey designed to equip HR professionals with the tools and strategies to lead leaders through transformative shifts and cultivate a culture of growth and adaptability.

First coaching sessions
Month 1


Step 1


Month 2
Step 2

Growth mindset

Month 3

Quarterly business review

Step 3


Month 4
Step 4


Month 5


Month 6

Share survey results with learners

Last coaching sessions
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Quarterly business review

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Monitor and steer your L&D programm effortlessly

Program management

Monitor and manage the onboarding process for a high and fast company-wide uptake

Instant overview of all your employees’ engagement, including credit utilization, level of engagement, and sessions booked

A range of self-service features, from automated reminders to exporting data along with filter options, saving you time and effort

Data analytics

Data-driven insights, along with goal-oriented reporting and comparisons with Sharpist’s averages

Instant feedback on the quality of coaching with a rating system and an automated follow-up process from Sharpist

Full analytics overview and month-to-month trend insights into your employees' coaching sessions to ensure your learning and development program is on track

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Empower growth through data-driven insights

Thanks to our unique Focus Area framework, HR knows their employees’  coaching goals* and how they compare to all Sharpist learner benchmarks.

Keep track of your transformation program and know how the focus* of your employees' coaching session changes over time, providing all the data you need for a successful L&D program.

Why choose Sharpist for your leadership development program?

A turnkey solution with a quick, stress-free roll-out across any industry

Goal-oriented development with valuable insights into coaching topics for L&D decision makers

Expert coaching pool offers top-rated business coaching in over 30 languages

Exceptional client and learner satisfaction with our service

Highest utilization and engagement rate in the market

Customized learning and development platform with high scalability

Join some of the world’s leading organizations.

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