Digital group coaching

A digital space for your employees to exchange ideas under the supervision of an experienced coach

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Sharpist is the first and only coaching platform to offer digital group coaching sessions in addition to individual coaching. The group sessions can be booked individually or integrated as a building block of your customized learning journey.

Benefits of digital group coaching for your company

Promotes exchange and coordination with colleagues
Enables more “aha” moments outside of individual coaching sessions
Creates a professional framework thanks to an external coach
Everyone can participate flexibly and from any location from their laptop
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Your path to integrated digital group coaching

Step 1
Joint kick-off:
Together in a workshop, we work out the goals of the group coaching with you. This allows us to harmonize your company goals with the individual learning goals of your employees. Group coaching sessions are often part of an extensive learning journey.
Step 2
Coordination of a joint appointment by the Sharpist team.
Step 3
Creation and implementation of a pre- and post-survey to measure the effectiveness of the session.
Step 4
We pick the best coaches that suit your industry and focus.
Step 5
Group coaching: Learners meet on pre-defined coaching topics led by an experienced coach.

Advantages of digital group coaching for employees

Sharing insights:
Exchanging “aha!” moments from individual coaching sessions with peers and thus promoting collaboration.
Shared view from the outside:
Bringing employees together and thus promoting a uniform corporate culture.
Gaining an overview:
With the help of an experienced business coach, align individual goals with overarching company goals.

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Unlock Your Team’s Potential
with Sharpist’s Digital Coaching Platform

At Sharpist, we empower your employees to reach their full potential and drive organizational growth through our innovative digital coaching platform.
Achieve High ROI on Your L&D Investments
With over 80% active usage, Sharpist’s platform ensures that your investment translates into real, measurable outcomes. Personalized coaching sessions and coach-curated micro-tasks enhance knowledge transfer, ensuring efficiency and impact in every learning experience.

Transparent and Measurable Progress
Our advanced L&D Dashboard provides HR with clear, actionable insights into the progress of all participants. Each learner’s goals are individually analyzed and tracked through the Sharpist app, ensuring alignment with organizational objectives. With 100% of coaching sessions conducted on our platform, we deliver comprehensive engagement and outcome reports.
Efficiency and Administrative Ease
Sharpist saves your organization over 200 hours of administrative work with intuitive self-service features. Employees can effortlessly manage their learning journeys through the Sharpist app, while HR enjoys streamlined program control. Benefit from a single supplier for all coaching needs, offering full cost control and unmatched convenience.

Flexible, Scalable Solutions
Our platform adapts to your organization’s unique needs. Whether it’s 1:1 digital coaching, micro-tasks, or group coaching sessions, Sharpist’s flexible credit model allows employees to choose the coaching format that best suits their learning style and schedule.
Global Network of Expert Coaches
We match your employees with the best coaches for their needs, fostering effective coaching relationships. Our coaches are experts in various industries and focus areas, ensuring support that aligns with your company values and goals.Join leading organizations in transforming your workforce with Sharpist. Discover how our digital coaching platform can unlock potential and drive success.
Top-Tier Data Security
Your data is safeguarded with Sharpist. Certified with the ISO 27001 standard for information security, our servers are located in Germany, and all sessions are end-to-end encrypted, ensuring GDPR compliance.