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Sharpist's digital coaching platform empowers employees to unleash their full potential, in order to drive organizational growth
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Digital coaching is the most efficient way of learning

Coaching enables the greatest knowledge transfer compared to other forms of training. It enhances the performance of employees, helping them achieve their goals more successfully.

Prof. Dr. Silja Kotte
University of Applied Sciences Aschaffenburg

Digital coaching is just as effective as in-person formats but is location-independent and available at any time, saving time and costs.

Dr Rebecca Jones
Henley Business School

The coaching platform that supports your people development needs

High ROI on your L&D investment

Over 80% actively use their Sharpist offering

Effective knowledge transfer into everyday work life thanks to personalized coaching

Coach-curated micro-tasks boost learning efficiency by over 20%

99% satisfaction with their coaches

Gain transparency on your progress

Our L&D Dashboard provides HR with clear metrics on the progress of all participants

Individual goal analysis is available for every learner via the Sharpist app

100% of coaching sessions take place via the platform, hence providing comprehensive reports

Company goals can be integrated into the program through Sharpist's 32 focus areas.

Time and cost efficiency
A relief on your workload

Save over 200 hours of administrative work

Comprehensive self-service features for employees through the intuitive Sharpist app

L&D Dashboard enables easy program control for HR

Benefit from having a single supplier and gain full cost control and convenience

Data security
Your data in safe hands

Certified with the leading international standard for information security, ISO 27001

All servers are located in Germany

End-to-end encrypted coaching sessions

GDPR-compliant platform

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We ensure your learning program works for your organization

Goal setting
We advise you on how coaching can support your business, and together we align the program and micro tasks with your organizational goals.
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We onboard all your learners live, thus ensuring a high uptake and personalized learning right from the start.
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Coach matching
For a trusted coaching relationship, we ensure your employees are matched to coaches best suited for their needs.
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We ensure all matched coaches are informed of your organizational values for optimal alignment.
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We regularly measure the progress of the program, and provide you with qualitative and quantitative data for strategic people development.
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What our clients say

Thomas Huber
CEO at SKAN Group
Stéphanie Eggenberger
former HR Director at Givaudan
Thomas Ullram
Global Marketing Director Taste and Wellbeing at Givaudan
Laura Rossetti
Head of Operations Zürich at Givaudan

How do companies maximize their ROI with a coaching program?

Through people development programs, leaders and employees are improving performance outcomes and thereby increasing profitability.
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More about coaching

Coaching is a transformative tool for personal and professional development. It differs from traditional teaching by fostering a collaborative partnership. In personal coaching, the focus is on life goals and well-being, while executive coaching enhances leadership and strategic thinking. Career coaching guides through career choices, and sports coaching boosts athletic skills.

Key techniques include active listening for deeper understanding, powerful questioning to inspire critical thinking, and setting SMART goals for clear action plans. Coaches provide accountability and feedback, driving motivation and progress.

The impact of coaching is substantial, leading to increased self-awareness, confidence, and clarity in goals. In organizations, it enhances leadership, team dynamics, and productivity, building a culture of continuous learning. Coaching is not just a present solution but an investment in future success, aiding individuals and organizations to navigate life's challenges and achieve their fullest potential.