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We drive your organizational goals through digital coaching, customized to suit your organizational needs and people development programs

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Benefits at a glance

Consult with experts:

Work together with our experts to design  individual learning journeys, perfectly adapted to your  organizational needs.

Modular options:

Select from various modules, tools and formats for a learning program that suits your timeline and budget.

Iterative enhancement:

Through regular data collection, analysis and feedback, we are continuously working on improving your learning experience.

Customized coaching program in practice:

How Palfinger rolled out new cultural principles with the help of Sharpist

Highlights of the program
and the collaboration

Onboarding workshop for all participants
Briefing for all involved coaches with Palfinger's EMEA Training Academy & Sharpist
Creation of a 180-degree feedback survey including evaluation
10 curated micro tasks aligned to the leadership principles selected by Palfinger's HR
2 group coaching sessions with an executive coach

The program at a glance

Customized coaching program for
Over a period of
months period
Combining 1:1 coaching with group coaching as well as customized micro tasks to:
Thanks to coaching, employees are psychologically empowered, appearing more competent and self-determined.

Program overview

Palfinger EMEA HR
Palfinger EMEA
Learner onboarding
Customized Survey
MGMT Summary from Sharpist for EMEA
MGMT Summary from Sharpist for EMEA
MGMT Summary from Sharpist for EMEA
Quarterly Business Review
Quarterly Business Review
Coach Briefing
Customized Survey
Group Coaching Sessions
Group Coaching Sessions
6 months learning journey dedicated to leadership principles

5 steps to customizing
Palfinger's learning journey

to ensure integrated & blended learning

Step 1
Defining the goals and needs of their coaching program in a joint workshop
Step 2
Linking Palfinger's leadership principles  to Sharpist's focus areas
Step 3
Selecting or designing micro tasks based on the selected focus areas
Step 4
Designing a customized learning journey together with Palfinger's HR
Step 5
Bringing learners and coaches together and aligning on the goals and focus areas of the coaching program

Key insights Palfinger gained from Sharpist’s data

Results of the 180-degree survey showed that Sharpist improved the general understanding of leadership principles.
Thanks to the findings on the employees' focus areas, the group coaching sessions could be aligned accordingly.
The learning needs of managers were aligned with the areas HR were working on.
Coaching sessions were rated 4.9 out of 5 stars, and used by 90% of participants.
The focus areas of individual coaching sessions matched Palfinger's leadership principles.

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Frequently asked questions

How is the coach briefing customized?
Our coach briefings are extremely comprehensive. First, coaches are briefed specifically on your organizational and program objectives. This intensive preparation includes not only detailed training, but also joint webinars in collaboration with HR and the coaches. These structured measures ensure that the coaches are optimally prepared for their role in this program and that the coaching session achieves the desired objectives.
How are the employee surveys adapted?
Surveys are customized per default as they are designed with your employees' individual learning goals and challenges in mind. If desired, we are also able to offer 180 or even 360-degree surveys, so you can gain insights into individual development and program outcomes before and after the program.
How are the learning journeys customized?
Sharpist customizes learning journeys by adapting them to the organizational requirements and goals, incorporating the blended learning concept. For example, we can create a learning journey that starts with a comprehensive, customized onboarding - including tailored group coaching sessions, micro tasks and personal coaching sessions and concludes with a company-specific employee survey. Close collaboration with the HR team enables the creation of a flexible and targeted learning journey that not only meets current requirements, but also contributes to the strategic goals of the organization in the long term.
How are micro tasks customized?
The micro-tasks are designed specifically for each learner's individual goals and needs based on the selected focus areas. For example, at Palfinger, their leadership principles are linked to the Sharpist focus areas. This ensures customization of the micro-tasks so that they are directly aligned with the company's cultural principles and specific requirements.
How are group coaching sessions customized?
Our group coaching sessions are tailored to both team goals and individual challenges. The data obtained from the program on the focus areas then serves as the basis for adapting the group coaching. This promotes collaborative and effective development that is precisely tailored to specific needs.
How is the management summary customized?
The management summary is tailored to the metrics and goals of your program to enable meaningful analysis and continuous improvement.

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More about coaching

Coaching is a transformative tool for personal and professional development. It differs from traditional teaching by fostering a collaborative partnership. In personal coaching, the focus is on life goals and well-being, while executive coaching enhances leadership and strategic thinking. Career coaching guides through career choices, and sports coaching boosts athletic skills.

Key techniques include active listening for deeper understanding, powerful questioning to inspire critical thinking, and setting SMART goals for clear action plans. Coaches provide accountability and feedback, driving motivation and progress.

The impact of coaching is substantial, leading to increased self-awareness, confidence, and clarity in goals. In organizations, it enhances leadership, team dynamics, and productivity, building a culture of continuous learning. Coaching is not just a present solution but an investment in future success, aiding individuals and organizations to navigate life's challenges and achieve their fullest potential.