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With Sharpist, we create
"aha" moments.

Since our company was founded, we have pursued the vision of supporting all people individually in their personal and professional development from their first internship to retirement. We are convinced that reflective employees and managers are more productive and happier.
This is how we shape successful organizations and a healthier society with Sharpist.

We find the perfect solution for each person and their company. Because people, organizations and cultures are unique. That's why every Sharpist coaching program is tailored to individual values and ambitions. Our platform enables employees to achieve their goals effectively and measurably.

Hendrik Schriefer
CEO and co-founder
Fabian Niedballa
CCO and co-founder

Our cultural principles

We keep growing by challenging our boundaries
We always put customer outcomes first
We are eager to take ownership
We are non-violently direct
We care for each other and the company

Guaranteed support for the professional growth of your leaders

Take a data-driven approach to ensure your L&D program delivers measurable results, such as:


aha! moments
created by learners


more learners, compared to traditional coaching programs

4.95 /5

satisfaction rating with our coaching sessions


top-tier business coaches in our network

Sharpist offers a holistic approach to the growth of your employees

1:1 video coaching

Sessions with top-class coaches in your preferred language so learners can focus on what is important for them

Network of over 1000 coaches

Certified by associations such as the International Coaching Federation (ICF) or the German Coaching Association (Deutsche Bundesverband Coaching)

99% satisfaction with coaching

Micro tasks

Hand-picked content that is relevant to your employees and company goals.

Micro-tasks, curated by coaches after each session, increase learning efficiency by >20%

>2000 micro-tasks in our library

95% positive reviews rated by learners

Goal and activity tracking

HR and employees can always keep a close eye on their growth targets to maximize the impact of the program.

Compare how your company performs against the industry in 32 focus areas

Employees regularly record their "aha" moments and log their progress on their set goals

100% GDPR compliant

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We’re also proud to have worked together with some of the leading thought leaders and organizations, who share our values and vision.

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