How do companies maximize their ROI with a coaching program?

Through people development programs, leaders and employees are improving performance, outcome and thereby increasing profitability.

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4 reasons why investing in coaching pays off


“Organizations with effective change management programs expect an ROI of up to 143%.”



“The cost of replacing an employee is about a third of his or her annual salary.”

Society for Human Resource Management


“Managers who receive targeted measures to develop their strengths increase turnover by 10 to 19 % and profits by 14 to 29 %.”



“Companies that invest in mental health programs generate a 150% return on investment.”


Learn how our clients increase their ROI with a customized coaching program
How to use coaching as a catalyst for the growth and development of your employees
Client case #1 - Succeeding at transformation & ROI

How an engineering company proactively uses coaching as a catalyst for growth and development to thrive in turbulent times

The results of the coaching program:



that Sharpist had helped them in their personal and professional development.



they would apply what they had learned from Sharpist in the future.



that they had a positive relationship with their coach.
Coaching culture was established for the continuous improvement of the organizational leadership.
Increased skills to lead during the change process and drive the transformation in the organization.
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Client case #2 - Increasing employee engagement & ROI

How a Berlin-based tech company promotes and retains emerging female leaders with a customized coaching program

Here are the results of the coaching program:


utilization rate

High participation in coaching sessions.


learning hours

Intensive and sustainable knowledge acquisition.


positive feedback

Participants rated Micro Tasks extremely positively.

4.9/5 ★

satisfaction rating

Average rating of the coaching sessions.
The Sharpist program was very well received and promoted job satisfaction.
The managers received coaching for personalized support for their current challenges.
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Client case #3 - Boosting performance & ROI

How a leading engineering company personalizes the coaching program to enhance leadership skills and optimize performance

The results of the coaching program:


participation rate

High employee participation in all coaching sessions.


focus on new leadership skills

More than half of the sessions focused directly on the organization's new leadership principles.

4.9/5 ★

Satisfaction rating

Excellent rating from leaders.
The program was tailored to the leadership principles, and fostered a culture of growth and innovation, which directly impacted business results.
Managers were able to apply what they learnt directly and achieve their personal development goals thanks to Sharpist.
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Client case #4 - Caring for your employees' well-being & ROI

How a mechanical engineering company strengthened the mental health of its top executives and successfully navigated through volatile times

The results of the coaching program:


utilization rate

High participation of participants in the coaching program.

4.9/5 ★

employee satisfaction

Excellent rating from employees.


learning hours

Intensive and long-lasting knowledge acquisition.


positive feedback

Participants rated Micro Tasks extremely positively.


of managers

can delegate better thanks to the coaching.


of participants

feel ready to support their teams during the change process.
Sharpist had a lasting impact on the corporate culture in terms of better communication and stronger relationships.
Thanks to the increased well-being of the management team, the company was able to successfully implement its transformation.
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Sharpist's value proposition:
Connects organizational goals with individual employee goals.
Ensures that coaching provides real added value for both the organization and each individual employee.
Enables employees to easily integrate the knowledge gained in the coaching sessions into their daily workflow.
Uses a coach-matching algorithm that finds the best-suited coach for everyone.
Tracks measurable results and measures the achievement of each employee's goals - in compliance with data protection regulations.

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