How Givaudan partnered up with Sharpist to support their employees' personal growth

Discover genuine coaching stories from Givaudan's diverse talents. Hear how Sharpist coaching has shaped their unique paths towards growth and success.

HR Testimonials

Marika Leuba

HR Business Partner at Givaudan

Discover Givaudan's motivation for adopting Sharpist coaching from Marika. She integrated Sharpist into their global learning offerings alongside 360-degree feedback, using coaching to prepare employees for their next career steps.

Stéphanie Eggenberger

HR Director at Givaudan

Join us for a conversation with Givaudan's HR Director overseeing 1000+ employees. Learn about her multi-channel people development strategy, with coaching by Sharpist as a key element. Gain insights into her experience with Sharpist's internal rollout.

Employee Testimonials

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