Ebony Fagbuyi

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Ebony Fagbuyi


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Certified as a business/executive coach

About the coach

Ebony’s coaching supports leaders in reaching their full potential. Her particular strength is transformational leadership - leading by example and thus the art of guiding people without extrinsic incentives. She is a certified Business Coach and constantly investing in further education, during the last years this included the certification as John C. Maxwell Leadership Speaker, Coach & Teacher; as Human Perception and Behaviour Profiler, and courses in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Her passion for leadership becomes obvious in her talks that she is hosting all over the world. Ebony is the founder of two enterprises focused on leadership.


  • Diploma Management Assistant

Work experience

  • Fagbuyi Service Consulting & Training | Founder & Coach | 9  years
  • Swiss Leaders Group| Founding Member, Teacher and Local Partner| 4  years
  • Sony Europe Limited  |Team Assistant - Change Management, Communication and Performance Trainer, Manager Complaint Office   | 4  years

Sharpist Clients

  • DHL Consulting
  • Miro
  • Von Roll

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