Digital coaching to every employee

Optimize learning and facilitate change through tailored digital coaching.
Empower employees

Empower employees

Individual digital coaching tailored for every employee.

Retain talent

Retain talent

A pool of 1,000+ professional coaches will increase morale and decrease turnover.

Track progress

Track progress

Measure employees’ progress and preferences via the corporate dashboard.

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is helping teams work smarter

For Learners

Start your personal development journey

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Flexible coaching minutes
Automated coach matching
Customized Micro Tasks
Progress and goal tracking
Engagement management
Goals assessment
Unlimited chemistry sessions
Activity stream
Expert chat
One-on-one coaching sessions

After using Sharpist the survey results of all learners rose to a new high

"My superior and team members would describe me as a partner and coach."

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“I think that my organization strongly supports my personal and professional development

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“Feedback cycles are integral parts of my everyday work routine”

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I feel inspired to rise to the challenges I am facing at work.”

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“I feel motivated to contribute to my organization’s success

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"I am eager to develop my leadership skills with Sharpist coaching."

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Our coaches

Top-rated coaches in many languages

Mia Grande
Mia Ganda
Executive and Life Coach
Tilman Ecklof
Tilman Ecklof
Social Psychology Professor
Silke Strauss
Silke Strauss
C-level Coach

Top coaching experts

The top-rated 3% of all coaches in the world are available via our platform.

Worldwide coaching

Our coaches come from different parts of the globe, offering coaching in many languages.

Rigorous selection process

All coaches that meet our minimum requirements need to pass three interviews before being hired.

Continuous coach vetting

We continuously vet our coaches after initial assessment by means of algorithmic quality control.

Accurate coach matching

We use algorithmic matching to match coaches with learners, and every match is reviewed by experts.

24/7 support

We offer round-the-clock support for our clients and all coaches who are part of the Sharpist platform.

Everything in one place

Our central platform for coaches helps you track learners’ progress, choose and assign microtasks, schedule sessions and more.


Of our coaches are certified and have relevant trainings.


Have extensive management and executive experience.


Have 15+ years of  relevant coaching experience.

1,000 hours

Of coaching needed to join the sharpist network.

For Companies

Tailored solutions for your organization

Customer success agent
Onboarding webinars
Physical onboarding kit
Communications package
Dedicated coach pool
Micro Tasks pre-selection
Integrated group coaching
Learner segmentation by cohorts
Corporate goals analytics
Evaluation surveys
Corporate dashboard
Flexible coaching minutes
Merge existing coach pool

Custom-Tailored Services

Customized programs


We can tailor our coaching programs and align them with the goals and objectives of your organization.

Bespoke Micro Tasks

Micro Tasks

Micro Tasks are pre-selected to fit every organization and help learners embrace growth.

Active Coach Search

Coach Search

Even though Sharpist features hundreds of professional coaches, we are always on the lookout for talented individuals.

Quarterly networking events

networking events

We organize on-premises networking events for all learners.

Engagement tracking


Continuous tracking of coaching sessions and utilization rate.

360° feedback


Use the 360° feedback service to determine how well the core messages have anchored among users.

Privacy & Data Protection

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GDPR-compliant platform

Sharpist follows all guidelines and regulations set by GDPR.

End-to-end encrypted coaching sessions

Only the coach and the learner will have access to the session, keeping it confidential and secure.

All our servers are located in Germany

All Sharpist servers are in Germany, which means they are stable, secure, reliable, and fast.

ISO certification

Sharpist’s platform meets the leading international standard for information security, ISO 27001, protecting client data to the highest standards.

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