Provide tailored coaching to improve leadership

All-around training programs never deliver. To meet employees' individual needs, you need a program tailored and personalized to every learner.

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Support every step of the leadership journey

Boost resilience

Calmness and clarity are the foundations of every leader's journey. We help every learner to begin their coaching with a serene mind.

Assist new leaders

Novice leaders often feel relieved when discussing areas such as prioritization and self-management with a coach.

Support your C-suite

Upper management often needs outside perspective to develop and test their leadership approach.

Encrypted mobile coaching sessions

Employees prefer opening up in a trusted environment. Encrypted mobile sessions can make that happen.

Assess learners' individual needs

Our coaching begins with an individual goals assessment to help learners explore development needs and define coaching preferences.

Get a personal pocket coach

Our coaching apps are designed to support learners in crafting a personal development journey while ensuring continuous engagement.

  • Onboarding webinars to ensure high activation rates
  • Goals assessment tailored to organizational and employee requirements
  • One-on-one, end-to-end encrypted video coaching
  • Tailored Micro Tasks for every coaching session
  • Activity stream with coach logs and aha! moments
  • Global expert support for ad hoc guidance
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Unlock your organization’s maximum potential by growing your leaders

You can launch your first Sharpist cohort in less than 6 weeks. Learn which onboarding timeline is right for you in a noncommittal consultation.

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