Boost the potential of your team with personalized learning

Traditional training is often impersonal and out of context. Sharpist is tailored to every single employee and embedded into their workday.

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Personalized growth at employees' fingertips

Personalized and relevant content

Each coach works with learners individually and helps them progress with a personalized plan that includes only relevant learning material.

Customized performance improvement

We set the bar for learner engagement by monitoring everyone's progress and offering specific adjustments to their development journey.

Scalable across continents and hierarchies

Intern to C-level; Hong Kong to San Miguel: our solution adapts to your learners’ experience, leadership level, and the culture they're part of.

50,000+ multimedia micro tasks

Our editorial team has teamed up with a range of content providers to ensure a perfect match for every learner's coaching needs.

Individual progress tracking

Learners track their progress on their activity stream. You assess focus areas and learning hours via your corporate dashboard.

  • Initial goals assessment
  • Flexible progress tracking and goal updates
  • Activity stream with coach logs, aha! moments, and micro tasks
  • Corporate dashboard with focus areas, satisfaction and engagement metrics
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Enhance skills through focused analysis

Sharpist provides you with relevant data on the training program’s progression. This enables you to implement changes and optimize your leadership development.

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We share a common vision with you

Sharpist provides development support to all your executives. Our international and extensive network of highly qualified coaches ensures that every individual need is met.

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Track concrete changes

Sharpist provides actionable, individual, and accurate data on the goals and progress of your leaders.

Find out how to cultivate a growth and performance culture

We drive performance through the most engaging coaching solutions. Let us develop a joint plan to help you boost individual and team performance in no time.

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