Sharpist Program for Business Transformation

Driving successful business transformation in your organization

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Help your managers overcome challenges

With Sharpist, you'll have access to experts with 10+ years of experience coaching senior managers. Our coaches help each leader identify their individual challenges and work towards concrete solutions.

Deepen learning experiences in everyday life

Sharpist empowers executives with learning journeys tailored to their needs. The right topics at the right time, always.

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Promote improvement through analysis

Sharpist provides you data to efficiently assess the transformation program success. This feature enables measurable behavioral changes and targeted improvement.

Enhance skills through focused analysis

Sharpist provides you with relevant data on the training program’s progression. This enables you to implement changes and optimize your leadership development.

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We share a common vision with you

Sharpist provides development support to all your executives. Our international and extensive network of highly qualified coaches ensures that every individual need is met.

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Track concrete changes

Sharpist provides actionable, individual, and accurate data on the goals and progress of your leaders.

Unlock your organization’s maximum potential by growing your people

You can launch your first Sharpist cohort in less than 6 weeks. Learn which onboarding timeline is right for you in a noncommittal consultation.

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