Best-in-class Executive Coaching for Small Business Owners

Personal growth in any leadership position requires hard work and commitment. Our coaches help to find and develop the skills required to lead through times of uncertainty. This starts with leading yourself. From first-time leaders to executives.

Trusted by the leaders of these organizations

We know the challenges of being a business owner

Running your own business often requires you to navigate uncertain waters, put on multiple hats and grow into your role without the necessary support

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Becoming comfortable as a leader and building a team

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Staying in control in a fast-changing environment

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Managing stress in times of major labor shortages

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Remaining positive and resilient

From the fundamentals of leadership to being a boss, we structure your individual learning journey

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Emotion & Stress Regulation
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Time Management
Focus & Priorization
Role Clarity/Transition
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Interpersonal Leadership

Building Relationships
Leadership Approach & Presence
Giving & Receiving Feedback
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Organizational Leadership

Delivering Impact
Leading Change & Transformation
Strategic Planning
Innovation & Creativity

Developing yourself has never been so easy

Live support chat with our psychologists

Personalized learning content through curated micro tasks

Initial 45 min session with your new coach

Matching with professional business coach

375 minutes of coaching per 6-month license

"Learning & Development has been the key ingredient to the culture and the success of GetYourGuide. Sharpist is taking us to the next level in helping us develop our people in a scalable way and unleash their full potential."

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Johannes Reck
Ceo & Co-Founder at
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"Sharpist has proven to be the right partner for our company. But we are just at the very beginning of our journey. In the long run, I see great potential not just on the individual level, but company-wide. The fact that Sharpist’s L&D ecosystem is location and time independent enables progress tracking and global scalability, which is crucial step in building a centralized L&D strategy. Sharpist’s approach helps us to ensure the same high strandards of people development across all 40 countries.."

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Kirill Bourovoi
Group Head of Learning &
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Frequently asked questions

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How do you select the best coaches to work with?
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Sharpist Spark cooperates with a recognized coaching institute that has been training coaches for more than 20 years. The institute combines findings and methods from science and consulting with current topics and practical concepts. The content of all offerings is the result of many years of experience. To ensure working with the best coaches, we continuously vet every coach.

How can I measure the impact of the coaching on my employees?
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Our HR dashboard allows you to get detailed information about the learning journeys of your employees. It offers an easy way to present you with aggregated information about activation rates, learner engagement, session ratings, and focus areas, all in compliance with GDPR.

How often can I have a coaching session?
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You can schedule sessions freely with your coach, according to your available time and current needs.

How long are the coaching sessions?
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The first session is going to be a 45-minute long “chemistry” session, where you and your coach can get to know each other and define your learning journey. After that, you can decide together with your coach how long your sessions are going to be. We usually recommend 45 to 60 minutes per session. This can also be adjusted flexibly if your session runs longer or ends earlier than planned.

How can I get more coaching sessions?
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If you want to buy a top up for your coaching credits you can send an email to with your requested amount of credits.

How does the coach matching work?
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The matching process is based on the learner’s goal analysis and takes into account several factors. It considers the professional orientation, the personal development focus, as well as the focus of the topics and which type of coaching the learner prefers. Based on this information, our algorithm will make a pre-selection within the Spark coach pool. This selection is confirmed in a final, manual check by our Coach Experts. This way, we ensure that the coach exactly matches the learner’s wishes and goals.

How can I change my coach?
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If you or your coach decide that you are no match, or if you at some point decide you want to change the focus or approach in your coaching, you can request a coach change at any time. For this, simply contact our Expert Team through the chat in your Sharpist app.

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Sharpist x US Chamber
exclusive offer
valid till Dec 31 2022

(limited to 100 participants!)

The world’s leading coaching platform Sharpist and the US Chamber of Commerce team up with an exclusive offer to support small business owners across the US.

All of our packages include:

Full access to our mobile app
Unlimited access to micro tasks
A specific amount of credits to be used freely during your subscription
Live support chat from trained psychologists
Goal assessment and regular review
Full GDPR compliance
Coach matching within 48 hours after your goal assessment
Free change of coach at all times to ensure coach match satisfaction
6 months of executive coaching
USD 1,500
USD 990
For 360 credits of 1:1 coaching with your individual executive coach.