Coaching tools for future-proof leadership

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Thursday 24.3.2022
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11:00 CET
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Executive coaching programs focus on developing people leadership skills through self-awareness and reflection. However, when it comes to coaching, knowing thyself is only one side of the coin. 

The methods commonly used in executive coaching can be easily translated into management tools that help teams leverage their own wisdom and experience for problem-solving and better performance.

Zalando and Sharpist designed a coaching program centered on developing a new generation of leaders across the full span of leadership focus areas. By investing in workplace culture and employee development today, Zalando empowers tomorrow’s leaders to guide and grow the organization during a period of radical change in the industry. 

This session leverages the Zalando story to provide you with fundamental skills that will enable you to:

Embrace coachability and lifelong learning

By fostering a culture of self-reflection and accountability, you will enable your team to work productively and to own their professional development. Our panelists will share how you can foster a coaching culture that offers learners the freedom to choose and reach their goals, while supporting company values and objectives.

Develop leadership skills and style

The most effective managers master multiple leadership approaches and can effectively identify the one that best fits the situation at hand. In this session, we will guide you through the full spectrum of leadership skills and focus areas, and will show you when and how to implement them accordingly.

Future-proof your leadership

Coaching is not a one size fits all solution. From our experience supporting leaders with teams of various sizes and areas of responsibility at Zalando, we will show you how we generate insights into focus areas for future leadership development strategies.

Join us for this webinar to find out what it takes to create leadership teams that are constantly growing, feel empowered to drive results, and reach higher levels of performance.


Khurram Masood

Khurram Masood

Chief Product Officer at Sharpist
Matt Stone

Matt Stone

Head of Learning & Leadership Development at Zalando