How Sharpist’s new Goal Page supports a data-driven learning & development strategy through digital coaching

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October 06th 2022
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12pm CEST
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This webinar will take place in English.
This webinar took place in English.

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When? October, 06th 2022 - 12.00-12.30pm
Where? LinkedIn Live Event

In learning & development, we are often reminded of the importance of data-driven decision-making - after all, the ability to track measurable progress is the basis of any successful L&D program. But how precisely do we use data in coaching to further business objectives?

At Sharpist, we aim to equip organizations with the tools necessary to build a thriving leadership development program through digital coaching, providing access to the relevant, actionable data necessary to make informed and impactful decisions. It is for this reason that we are pleased to announce the launch of our new Goal Page to be featured on our HR dashboard. With this unique tool, combined with Sharpist’s 1:1 digital leadership coaching, HR decision-makers can harness the power of data to further develop employees’ individual skills in alignment with business goals. 

Join us for this webinar, where Khurram Masood, Sharpist’s Head of Product, and Hendrik Schriefer, Sharpist’s founder, will present a data-driven approach to L&D through digital coaching.

You will learn more about: 
- How Sharpist’s platform empowers leadership development programs through data-driven insights
- How to interpret and understand L&D data through Sharpist’s Goal Page
- Why our digital coaching platform has the highest engagement rate of any product on the market

The online event is suited to anyone engaged in leadership development programs, as well as anyone interested in learning more about how to utilize data effectively in L&D programs, from HR decision-makers and L&D leaders to digitization enthusiasts. 

Register and join us directly this time on Linked Live.

About the speakers
- Khurram Masood (Chief Product Officer at Sharpist)
- Hendrik Schriefer (Sharpist’s Co-Founder and CEO at Sharpist)


Hendrik Schriefer

Hendrik Schriefer

Co-Founder & CEO at Sharpist
Khurram Masood

Khurram Masood

Chief Product Officer at Sharpist