Insights into the World of Coaching Management: An Interview with Carlotta Linden from Sharpist

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June 11, 2024
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In today’s business world, employee development is a crucial success factor for companies. However, the costs and efforts associated with internal coaching programs are often underestimated. To learn more about this topic, we sat down with Carlotta Linden, Customer Relationship Manager at Sharpist. Carlotta has extensive experience in client support and optimizing coaching processes. In our interview, she discusses the challenges of coaching management and how companies can optimize their investments.

Henrike Grabert (Interviewer): Hello and welcome to our interview, Carlotta! Thank you for taking the time to talk with us about coaching management.

Carlotta Linden: Hi Henrike, thanks for having me! I’m excited to be here and share my experiences and insights.

Henrike Grabert: Let’s dive right in. Could you give our readers an overview of your role at Sharpist and explain what a Customer Relationship Manager does in client support?

Carlotta Linden: Of course! As a Customer Relationship Manager at Sharpist, I’m responsible for building and maintaining close relationships with our clients. I’m their primary contact for any questions, concerns, or issues related to our coaching platform. I manage the implementation of various exciting projects and often get involved in co-designing solutions. My goal is to ensure our clients are always satisfied and that their individual needs and requirements are met.

Henrike Grabert: That sounds like an important and diverse role. Can you tell us about the challenges companies face in managing their coaching programs?

Carlotta Linden: Absolutely. Managing an internal coaching program can be time-consuming and complex. Companies need to find and select suitable coaches, develop and implement programs, manage relationships with the coaching team, and measure the program’s success. These tasks can consume a lot of time and resources, diverting focus from other critical business activities.

Henrike Grabert: How can companies overcome these challenges and optimize their coaching programs?

Carlotta Linden: Companies can optimize their coaching programs by implementing more efficient processes and reducing administrative burdens. The true costs of an internal coaching program are often underestimated, as many companies only consider coach fees and not the additional costs of managing and executing the program. Managing the extensive stakeholder network involved, such as supporting participating employees with operational questions or handling coach payments, is also part of the equation.

The Sharpist Cost Calculator is a highly useful tool that helps companies make the total costs of their coaching programs transparent. By entering relevant information like the number of participants, program duration, and internal resources, companies get a detailed overview of the real costs and potential savings by outsourcing coaching to Sharpist.
Carlotta Linden
Customer Relationship Manager at Sharpist

Henrike Grabert: That sounds like a promising approach. Can you tell us more about the measurable results companies can achieve with Sharpist?

Carlotta Linden: Definitely. With Sharpist, companies not only get an efficient and cost-effective coaching platform but also measurable results. Our platform offers an L&D Dashboard with detailed insights into coaching progress and employee development. Companies can see how engaged and satisfied employees are with the program, which topics are top of mind, and what is being worked on in coaching sessions. These insights are invaluable for understanding the “black box” of coaching and can provide pointers on what topics to include in a program or where, for example, blockages and pain points exist during a transformation.  Additionally, we conduct comprehensive employee surveys, including 180- and 360-degree feedback, to measure the success of the coaching program. A standout example of measurable success is IKEA Switzerland. Since partnering with Sharpist in 2020, IKEA Switzerland has increased employee satisfaction with leadership by 7%. This is a clear testament to the value of our joint coaching solutions.

Henrike Grabert: Thank you, Carlotta, for these insights and details. Where can our readers learn more about Sharpist’s solutions?

Carlotta Linden: You’re welcome, Henrike. I invite all readers to get to know our platform and discover how we can help develop their employees and advance their companies. Also check out our cost saving calculator to see the hidden costs of managing a coaching program.

Insights into the World of Coaching Management: An Interview with Carlotta Linden from Sharpist
Henrike Grabert
Product & Revenue Marketing
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