Grow leadership effectiveness across your organization

Ensure a continuous impact of your leadership or HiPo program by enriching it with a tailored individual coaching journey.

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There is no one-size-fits-all for leadership development

Even though standardized leadership and HiPo programs offer some value to learners, they are rarely incorporated into day-to-day activities. Learners often complain that these programs neither address their individual challenges nor help them grow their skills long-term.

Improve your leadership development with one-on-one coaching

Implement Sharpist’s leadership program as a stand-alone solution or extend your existing program to achieve your leadership development goals.

Meet every employee's needs

One-on-one coaching helps you suit the leadership development program to every employee.

Witness long-term learning effect

Micro Tasks are adapted to your employees, ensuring positive long-term learning effects.

Track progress case-by-case

Track employees' preferences, progress, and more, or use a survey to measure the impact of your program.

Support your employees anytime

Integrate your program into a digital solution and reach your employees across the globe.

Sharpist’s tailored leadership program benefits

Adapting the program to tune it to your company’s objectives
Coach briefing to ensure a standardized approach
Pre-selection of tailored Micro Tasks
Video coaching to adapt the program to every learner
Integrated group coaching maximizes group cohesiveness
Progress tracking on your program dashboard

more learning hours for existing development programs

14 days

after the program starts, 100% of learners have their first coaching session


of participants recommend Sharpist’s programs to their colleagues


of learners on Sharpist consider our platform useful to achieve goals

STRABAG focuses on digital employee development with Sharpist

Following the introduction of a pilot phase in which STRABAG division and management heads were offered the opportunity to use Sharpist's digital coaching and further development services, extraordinary interest in the service was shown within a short period of time.

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Learn how to increase the impact of your leadership development program with Sharpist

With Sharpist, you can extend your existing leadership development or HiPo program or set up an entirely new, tailored program. Book a free consultation to discuss how we can create a bespoke solution for your organization

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