Transform Your Leadership Development with Learning Journeys & Micro Tasks

A structured, self-directed approach to leadership development

Empowering self-directed leadership

Our learning journeys and micro tasks are the perfect way to support self-directed learning and foster sustainable, effective leadership development. We go beyond just coaching through our app, offering a comprehensive and personalized approach to learning and development.

Turnkey learning journey


Our turnkey learning journeys are pre-built with expertly curated content, so you can launch your leadership development program in as little as 48 hours.


Save time and resources with a streamlined solution that eliminates the need for extensive planning and custom development.

Expertly crafted:

Our turnkey learning journeys are designed by our team of coaching experts with proven methods and frameworks, so you can trust that your leadership development program is backed by the latest research and best practices.

Customized learning journeys

Tailored learning:

Our expert coaches work closely with your organization to customize the learning journey to your specific needs, challenges, and goals.

Flexible and modular:

With customized learning journeys, you can choose from a variety of modules, tools, and formats, and create a unique and flexible program that fits your schedule and budget.

Continuous improvement:

Our customized learning journeys are designed to be iterative and adaptable. We collect data and feedback throughout the program, and use this information to continuously improve and optimize the learning experience.

Micro tasks curated by coaches

Customized support:

Coaches assign micro tasks tailored to the individual needs of each learner, ensuring that they receive targeted support to achieve their goals.

Continual learning:

Micro tasks keep learners engaged in the coaching process between sessions, helping them to apply what they've learned and build momentum towards achieving their development goals.

Real-time feedback:

Coaches monitor and provide feedback on learners' progress through micro tasks, ensuring they stay on track and providing a sense of accountability that can be highly motivating.

The micro task library in numbers

Our micro task library features +2000 self-directed micro learning experiences across a variety of formats. All micro tasks are connected to our 32 leadership development focus areas, offering your learners a truly personalized experience based on their learning goals. 

We offer curated professional development content from  leading business voices at Harvard Business Review and MIT Sloan Management Review, and interactive content developed by our in-house team of coaching experts.


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Transforming Leadership at Palfinger: A Journey of Growth and Cultural Excellence

Discover Palfinger's transformative journey with Sharpist, as they leverage learning journeys and micro tasks to introduce new leadership principles. Gain insights into their individual progress and witness the power of personalized development. Watch the on-demand video now.

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Three reasons for a higher ROE on your leadership development investment with learning journeys. 


Higher coaching utilization:

Learners have an average coaching utilization of 87% and benefit from 1.5x more learning time through micro tasks.


Higher engagement:

Learners show 11% higher micro task completion rates for custom micro tasks.


High learner satisfaction:

Learners gave positive ratings to 98% of their micro task assignments.

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A quote from a learner and a HR leader on microtasks

All of our coaches are certified by the world’s leading organisations, like the International Coaching Federation.

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"Through my work, I combine success orientation and emotionally competent cooperation. It is about actively shaping the connection to yourself and the requirements outside."

Christa-Marie Münchow

Blended Learning Expert
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“Apart from being a coach, I'm also a consultant, trainer, motivator, and a family business expert! My approach is focused on results with candor and openness.”

Jacopo Nicelli

Executive And Life Coach
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“Every organization works differently. The same holds true for individuals. What works for one person might not work for someone else. My passion is to support people individually in their respective roles and systems. While doing so, I specifically focus on effectiveness and executive presence.”

Silke Strauss

C-Level Coach
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“I firmly believe in empowering partners to create a purposeful, self-determined life, free from limiting behavioral patterns and belief systems..”

Mia Ganda

Executive And Life Coach
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“To master modern challenges in organizations as best as possible, diversity is required. I assist in all aspects so that diversity is enriching and people pull in one direction.”

Tilman Ecklof

Social Psychology Professor

After using Sharpist the survey results of all learners rose to a new high

"My superior and team members would describe me as a partner and coach."

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“I think that my organization strongly supports my personal and professional development

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“Feedback cycles are integral parts of my everyday work routine”

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I feel inspired to rise to the challenges I am facing at work.”

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“I feel motivated to contribute to my organization’s success

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"I am eager to develop my leadership skills with Sharpist coaching."

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How learning journeys benefit your L&D program: In a nutshell

Our programs benefit not only learners but also HR teams. Our customizable approach allows HR teams to tailor the program to their organization's specific needs, and our comprehensive progress-tracking provides HR with valuable insights into the program's effectiveness.

#1 Effective

Learning journeys offer a structured approach to L&D, which can be more effective than ad-hoc training sessions or one-off coaching sessions.

#2 Long-term Progress

By incorporating micro tasks, learning journeys provide opportunities for learners to apply new skills and knowledge in real-world scenarios, reinforcing their new insights and driving long-term progress.

#3 Customized

Learning journeys can be customized to meet the specific needs of different learners or groups within an organization, making them a flexible and adaptable tool for L&D professionals.

#4 Self-directed

Learning journeys are designed to be self-directed - learners can take ownership of their own development, which can lead to greater engagement and motivation.

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