March 31, 2023

Sharpist announces digital coaching partnership with Venture Capital firm Capnamic

  • Capnamic and Sharpist have agreed to partner on 45 coaching licenses and will distribute them over the next three years to Capnamic’s founders and portfolio companies.
  • The partnership follows Sharpist’s $23 million 2022 Series A funding round, co-led by Germany-based Capnamic. 
  • The coaching sessions will center on developing leadership capabilities across Capnamic’s portfolio companies, allowing Sharpist and Capnamic to combine investment and personalized guidance to shape tomorrow’s industry leaders.
  • The venture reflects Capnamic’s continued commitment to Sharpist’s vision as both funders and clients.

Berlin, London, 31.03.2023 - Sharpist, the leading digital coaching provider, has announced a partnership with German early-stage Venture Capital firm Capnamic on 45 coaching licenses. The partnership enables Capnamic to distribute the coaching licenses between its team and Capnamic’s portfolio company founders, providing them with personalized leadership guidance alongside financial investment. 

The coaching partnership focuses on Capnamic’s portfolio company founders facing first-time challenges as they scale their businesses during periods of rapid expansion - periods in which teams of two or three grow to 75+. Given the urgent need for founders to adjust to these changes quickly and effectively, Sharpist’s coaching prioritizes developing founders’ skills in leadership, communication, translating culture, and navigating organizational growth. “Sharpist has helped me with complex topics that you are faced with as a founder and managing director,” one of Capnamic’s learners, Philipp Grassinger of Cleverly, commented, “to break them down into smaller, feasible stages.” 

Sharpist and Capnamic announce the partnership at a time when demand for digital employee support has increased significantly. As many employers have embraced a “work-from-anywhere” policy since the pandemic, many organizations seek to provide their employees with hands-on guidance while working remotely. As a result, since its founding in 2018, Sharpist’s easy-to-scale digital coaching product has quickly become a market leader in corporate learning and development, an industry currently valued at $300bn+.

Managing Partner at Capnamic, Jörg Binnenbrücker, comments on the partnership: “Venture capital firms often say that they don’t invest in the business, they invest in the team. Every day we work with outstanding entrepreneurs and their teams; we are confident that leadership coaching will enable our entrepreneurs to solve their problems quicker and more effectively, equipping them with the skills and knowledge to become global category leaders.”

Hendrik Schriefer, CEO and founder of Sharpist, comments: “We are delighted to partner with Capnamic on this exciting new venture at a time when digital coaching is gaining increased recognition as a driving force behind organizational growth. Supporting tech startup founders alongside Capnamic’s own senior executives will allow us to play our part in cultivating the business leaders of tomorrow.”

About Sharpist 

Founded in 2018, Sharpist is the leading digital coaching and leadership development platform, driving the growth of organizations and their leaders through 1:1 digital coaching and personalized learning journeys. With Sharpist’s tailored programs, companies can rapidly build and scale their leadership capabilities, behaviors, and culture across global organizations. 

Powered by its data-driven L&D analytics dashboard, Sharpist helps enterprise companies achieve measurable business improvements and ROI, benefiting employee retention, engagement, and productivity. As a leading product innovator in the market and with a unique focus on user-centric experience,  Sharpist’s coaching achieves a market-leading engagement rate of over 90%, driving business growth. Personalized learning journeys are supported by Sharpist’s content library, which comprises thousands of targeted resources from world-renowned institutions such as MIT’s Sloan School of Management and Harvard Business Review, and its network of 1,000+ certified international leadership coaches. Since its founding in Berlin, Germany, Sharpist has emerged as an innovative player in the flourishing L&D industry and now counts industry leaders such as Zalando, Porsche, and Franke among its clients.

About Capnamic 

Capnamic is a leading European early-stage Venture Capital firm, with offices in Cologne, Berlin and Munich. The VC invests in outstanding teams from the German-speaking regions from Pre-Seed up to Series A. Capnamic’s investments include companies such as LeanIX, Staffbase, Adjust (exit to Applovin) parcelLab or Capmo, amongst others. All portfolio companies can rely on Capnamic’s unique network of global investors and industry partners as well as hands-on support, mentoring and knowledge exchange. The vast expertise of the Capnamic team includes more than 100 investments, a high turnover of successful trade sales and IPOs, as well as a strong entrepreneurial track record within the investment team. The general partners are Christian Siegele, Christian Knott, Jörg Binnenbrücker and Olaf Jacobi. More information about Capnamic Ventures is available at: