May 21, 2024

Sharpist cost calculator unveils true cost of internal coaching programs

Berlin, May 21, 2024 – Sharpist, a leading provider of digital coaching solutions, today launched its new Cost Calculator, enabling organizations to uncover the true cost of their internal coaching programs and optimize their investments. The tool helps L&D decision-makers identify hidden process and personnel expenses associated with managing an in-house coaching pool and implementing an effective people development program with it.

Unveiling hidden costs: How Sharpist saves organizations money

Sharpist’s cost calculator considers all relevant factors such as the number of coaching participants, program duration, and internal resources. This provides businesses with a detailed overview of the actual costs and potential savings achievable by outsourcing coaching to Sharpist.

Example: 150 employees, 15 months of Coaching

  • Manual Labor: 6,196 Hours
  • Process Costs of Internal Coaching Program: €317,361

Save time and money with Sharpist:

  • Transparent cost control: Full visibility into all expenses and savings
  • Efficient coaching management: Automation of time-consuming tasks
  • Enhanced employee development: Individualized support from certified coaches
  • Measurable success: Increased employee satisfaction and performance

Try the cost calculator yourself here.

Measurable results with Sharpist

Studies have shown that Sharpist coaching programs lead to significant improvements in employee productivity, engagement, retention, and overall well-being.

Here's how Sharpist makes coaching programs measurable:

  • L&D dashboard: Detailed insights into coaching progress and employee development
  • Comprehensive employee surveys: 180 and 360-degree feedback for success measurement

IKEA Switzerland: An example of measurable success

Since partnering with Sharpist in 2020, IKEA Switzerland has increased employee satisfaction with leadership by 7%. This is reflected in the rise of the internal leadership index, based on regular employee surveys.

Read more success stories here.

About Sharpist

Sharpist is a leading provider of digital coaching solutions that empower businesses to effectively develop their top talent. The platform connects employees with certified coaches who provide personalized guidance and support. Sharpist coaching programs have proven to enhance employee productivity, engagement, and retention.

Achieve success with Sharpist:

  • Digital 1:1 coaching: Individualized support for every employee
  • Successful transformation project implementation: Boost employee motivation and performance
  • Global network of certified coaches: Expertise in all relevant areas

For more information, please contact:

Henrike Grabert
Principal Product and Revenue Marketing
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