October 24, 2022

Sharpist announces new Goals Page on its L&D Dashboard, enabling HR leaders to drive their people development programs with data-driven insights

  • Sharpist's new Goals Page allows HR leaders to align their individual coaching KPIs with broader company values.
  • Sharpist, the digital coaching provider, reveals its new Goals Page, which allows HR leaders to track the success of their L&D programs at the click of a button. 
  • New features of the Goals Page include instant messaging, real-time feedback on the quality of coaching via a rating system, and the option to benchmark company data with over 1,000 Sharpist clients. 
  • The new feature benefits HR managers, making learners’ progress and specific focus areas transparent while remaining GDPR-compliant. 

Berlin, London, October 24th, 2022 - Sharpist, the leading digital coaching provider, has announced a new product feature on its L&D Dashboard, the Goals Page. The feature will provide HR leaders with powerful tools for analysis, as well as data-driven insights into their company leaders’ areas for focused improvement.

Sharpist reveals its new feature at a time when the Learning and Development industry has witnessed significant growth, with the corporate training market estimated to grow by $46.22 bn between 2022 and 2026, accelerating at 8.77% during the period. As companies have worked towards remote-first and hybrid work models since the pandemic, the HR industry has been tasked with adapting to changing work models and providing employees with digital, scalable solutions. Founded in 2018, Sharpist has quickly evolved into an industry leader in the digital coaching industry, offering easy-to-scale solutions to employee and leadership development challenges. 

Further new features of Sharpist’s new Goals Page include the ability to track the company’s top five areas of focus for coaching. With this, Sharpist aims to engage Learning and Development decision-makers with leadership coaching and possible organizational shortcomings, allowing them to make informed, impactful decisions to maximize the success of their leadership development programs.

Hendrik Schriefer, Sharpist’s founder and CEO, comments: “We are thrilled to announce our new product feature and look forward to witnessing the Goals Page add real value to the overall Sharpist experience. Continually innovating in the L&D industry is fundamental to what we do at Sharpist; the last few years have witnessed a radical change in working patterns, and L&D programs must reflect this. Incorporating the new Goals Page onto our HR Dashboard underscores our firm commitment to equipping HR leaders with the data-driven insights necessary to optimize their strategy and get the best out of their teams.”

About Sharpist

Founded in 2018, Sharpist is the leading digital coaching and leadership development platform, driving the growth of organizations and their leaders through 1:1 digital coaching and personalized learning journeys. With Sharpist’s tailored programs, companies can rapidly build and scale their leadership capabilities, behaviors, and culture across global organizations. 

Powered by its data-driven L&D analytics dashboard, Sharpist helps enterprise companies achieve measurable business improvements and ROI, benefiting employee retention, engagement, and productivity. As a leading product innovator in the market and with a unique focus on user-centric experience,  Sharpist’s coaching achieves a market-leading engagement rate of over 90%, driving business growth. Personalized learning journeys are supported by Sharpist’s content library, which comprises thousands of targeted resources from world-renowned institutions such as MIT’s Sloan School of Management and Harvard Business Review, and its network of 1,000+ certified international leadership coaches. Since its founding in Berlin, Germany, Sharpist has emerged as an innovative player in the flourishing L&D industry and now counts industry leaders such as Zalando, Porsche, and Franke among its clients. For more information, visit www.sharpist.com.