March 11, 2024

Sharpist revolutionizes coach matching with Sharpist Match³ technology.

Berlin, March 11, 2024 - Sharpist, the leading coaching platform, introduces Sharpist Match³, an innovative solution that connects employees with the most suitable coach faster and more accurately. It consists of a newly enhanced matching algorithm that makes the coaching process smoother and more efficient for companies and their employees.

The new Sharpist Match³ technology is the third generation of the matching algorithm, built on over 5 years of gathered and learned data. The result: 97% accuracy. With Sharpist, customers are matched with the right coach directly at the first matching, allowing them to start their coaching journey immediately.

Hendrik Schriefer, CEO and founder of Sharpist, comments on the introduction of the new feature:

"Sharpist's new matching feature is now available to customers and promises to revolutionize the coaching process for companies and their employees. With Sharpist Match³, Sharpist ensures that customers receive not only competent but also professionally and personally suitable coaches."

The Sharpist network consists of over 1000 business coaches who are internationally certified, have relevant leadership experience, at least 15 years of coaching experience as well as over 1000 completed coaching hours. Sharpist's network spans six continents, from Manila to Madeira, offering coaching in over 60 languages. The high quality of the coaches, combined with the new Sharpist Match³ algorithm, contributes to the effectiveness of the coaching sessions and enables long-term positive changes.

Here you can learn more about the new matching technology Sharpist Match³.

For further information, please contact:

Henrike Grabert

Principal Product and Revenue Marketing

Phone: +49 30 22957828