Coaching tools for employee development and satisfaction.

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1st March 2022 (Tuesday)
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15:00 - 15:45 CET
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This webinar will take place in English.
This webinar took place in English.

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Finding talent is hard, and keeping it is even harder. When top talent leaves, your company suffers from lost team productivity and higher employee turnover costs. 

Employees often leave because of passive superiors and their inability to grow. Traditional approaches to reduce employee turnover, such as competitive salaries and company perks have their alluring benefits but, at the end of the day, employees are more likely to leave not because of a lack of fruit baskets, but rather due to a lack of personal and professional development opportunities.

During this webinar, Samir Keck, Head of People & Culture at Sharpist, and Leadership Coach, will focus on the importance of giving managers the tools to become progressive leaders who develop and retain their employees. Learn how a coaching culture can drive employee engagement and growth by:

Closing skill gaps

A common reason for employees to quit is lack of engagement, career growth, and/or learning opportunities. Digital coaching helps in closing skill gaps, strengthening work productivity, and deconstructing negative mental barriers.

Fostering resilience

Even before the pandemic, burnout was already a major reason for an employee turnover. Learn how coaching can promote mental well-being and strengthen behaviors that guard against burnout in a remote work setting.


Empower your employees to own their professional development with digital coaching. Simply put, if you endow them with the trust and the tools needed to succeed, they will.


Samir Keck

Samir Keck

Head of People & Culture, Sharpist
Bärbel Kress

Bärbel Kress

Executive coach with over 20 years of experience as coach and change consultant for executives, teams and companies.