How organizations can effectively adapt to hybrid work environments

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September 15th 2022
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3pm CEST
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This webinar will take place in English.
This webinar took place in English.

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What unique challenges does hybrid work present? How are these challenges currently affecting organizations? How do coaching and training help teams get the best results out of hybrid work settings?

Following the rapid transition to remote setups since the pandemic, organizations have had to adapt quickly to new work environments. Employers have been faced with the task of enabling their employees to stay productive while at the same time encouraging them to maintain a healthy and more mindful work-life balance. In this context, collaboration and trust have not only become vitally important tools, but also the only possible way to ensure teams stay efficient and productive. 

Join us for this webinar and gather insights from expert coach, Ariel Etbul, on:

- Why hybrid work is here to stay
- Strategies to navigate and the empowering benefits of a hybrid work setting
- How to implement an effective action plan for your organization’s shift to hybrid work

The webinar is suited to anyone interested in behavioral change and exploring how to implement an effective hybrid work strategy within their organization, from HR decision-makers and program managers to L&D leaders and managers working in hybrid setups. 

About the coach

Ariel Etbul is an executive & team coach, leadership trainer, and international speaker. He has been a professional certified coach with the International Coaching Federation since 2001; with over 20 years of experience coaching professionally, his work incorporates multicultural perspectives on coaching. 
He has worked extensively with both private and public companies, as well as governmental organizations and TEDx. Mr. Etbul also collaborates as a supervisor, mentor, and executive coach with Escuela Europea de Coaching (EEC) and as an executive coach with BetterUp and Sharpist. 
His guiding philosophy is to “challenge the status quo in order to design and create a better future.”


Ariel Etbul

Ariel Etbul

Expert Coach