How Sharpist’s digital coaching platform is disrupting the learning & development space

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August 18th 2022
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3pm CEST
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This webinar will take place in English.
This webinar took place in English.

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In the learning and development (L&D) industry, new approaches to the same age-old problems continually emerge: how can leadership development adapt to volatility and uncertainty? How can it best address the challenges today’s leaders face while also motivating them to invest in their own development?

Throughout his career, Dr. Jonas Vrany has experienced a wide variety of leadership cultures, from German Mittelstand and SaaS tech to business consulting, where he held several leadership roles himself. Dr. Vrany joined Sharpist to help solve the recurring challenges L&D faces. By connecting Sharpist’s platform & approach to learning with enterprise clients in the DACH region and beyond, Dr. Vrany is contributing towards Sharpist’s unique approach to leadership development.

This session provides insights into why digital coaching is the most effective way to empower leaders and develop leadership capabilities. We will explore the foundations of Sharpist’s leadership coaching framework, how it can be tailored to clients’ needs, and how Sharpist delivers exceptional results through a reinforcement system to drive organizational growth.

Join this webinar and learn about: 

- How digital coaching can benefit leadership development during times of uncertainty
- How to integrate digital coaching into existing leadership development programs
- Sharpist’s unique approach to leadership development

The webinar is particularly suited to anyone interested in discovering how to integrate coaching into L&D programs, from HR decision-makers and CHROs to L&D leaders, as well as anyone passionate about reshaping the L&D space and challenging conventional learning approaches in light of our ever-changing environment. 

About the speaker

Jonas Vrany (VP of Sales at Sharpist) has personally benefited from digital coaching as part of his leadership training in global companies, such as LinkedIn and Google. His mission is to bring the benefits of digital coaching to leaders in the DACH region and beyond - making leadership development as effective as possible. He is a lifelong learner and wrote his doctoral thesis on the topic of disruptive technologies in the IT industry. He loves the mountains and lives with his fabulous family in Munich.


Dr. Jonas Vrany

Dr. Jonas Vrany

VP of Sales at Sharpist