Leadership in multicultural environments

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August 4th 2022
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3pm CEST
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This webinar will take place in English.
This webinar took place in English.

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Multicultural leadership is more than just a style of leadership and goes beyond learning a specific skill set - it is something a leader must continually work to achieve. It involves a reflective understanding of a leader’s own culture, while also seeing cultural differences as learning opportunities rather than challenges. 

Developing into a multicultural leader means getting to know yourself, becoming aware of multi-layered cultural differences, and practicing a leadership style that recognizes those differences. The key to multicultural leadership is in understanding the difference between intent and impact, as well as engaging in supportive interactions that cultivate a nurturing environment. 

The workshop provides insights into how cultural differences can influence communication in work settings, invites opportunities for personal reflection, and offers guidance towards becoming a mindful multicultural leader. 

Join this webinar and learn from expert coach Florian Brody about: 

- Multicultural work environments
- Cultures and cultural differences
- Multicultural leadership
- Challenges in communication, leadership, and work styles
- The key foundations for becoming a multicultural leader

This webinar is suited for anyone interested in discovering how to implement effective multicultural leadership mindsets and best practices, from HR decision-makers and program managers to L&D leaders and managers working in international environments. 

About the coach

Florian Brody is a certified executive coach and a startup business mentor working with companies and individuals to develop their individual and corporate narratives. Born and educated in Vienna, he worked for over 15 years in Europe and 20 years in Silicon Valley and co-founded four companies.
Brody is a digital media pioneer and developed digital media strategies for startups and Fortune500 companies, among them Apple, Novartis, Kodak, and Philips. In working as a coach with leaders worldwide, he draws from his broad international experience in technology, media, design, and business strategies.


Florian Brody

Florian Brody