Leadership Masterminds: The Future of Leadership Development [Berlin]

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December 7, 2022 in Berlin*
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This event will be held in English and in person; food will be provided.
This event was held in German and in person.

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Calling all HR experts: you can now register for our Network & Knowledge Event in Berlin! Gain valuable insights from industry-expert speakers, learn more about the future of leadership development, and network with like-minded HR professionals.

What you can expect from the event

The job market is constantly presenting new and more complex challenges to HR decision-makers. As such, we need leadership, team, and collaboration models that are adaptable and scalable; rigid management, bureaucracy, and planning are simply incompatible with the current market’s volatility and uncertainty. But how can we find the right balance between hierarchy and self-organization?

We face the significant challenge of overcoming deeply anchored beliefs and ways of thinking about people, organizations, and leadership.

During this panel discussion, we will take an in-depth look at sustainable leadership and effective leadership development practices. We will shed light on why it is so difficult for us to overcome our preconceived ideas of how organizations should be run, and clarify how to implement changes that will last in the long term, rather than just short-term solutions.

This event will provide:

  • Exciting, expert insights on team & organizational development
  • A look into the future of leadership development
  • An understanding of culture transformation best practices
  • Insights into people processes

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About Simone Mählmann:

Simone Mählmann holds a degree in psychology and is a certified business coach. Before joining Sharpist, she spent over 14 years at Kienbaum, the HR consultancy, focusing on learning & development and transformation support, as well as building a digital coaching provider as a corporate start-up in her role as Head of Coaching. Simone continues to pursue her passion for lifelong learning and coaching together with Sharpist.

About Andrea Marx:

Andrea Marx studied psychology and sociology and, as an independent consultant and certified systemic coach (dvct), successfully supports people and companies in change processes. She has additional training in psychodynamic organizational consulting and agile transformation. With over ten years of experience in management and leadership development in large organizations and accompanying executives in coaching processes, she is very experienced with the diverse challenges in this area.

About Ninjo Lenz:

Ninjo Lenz has been guiding leaders, teams and companies through global transformations for over 20 years. Since 2011, he works at the management consultancy Porsche Consulting and is responsible for the practice 'HR Strategy & HR Transformation' as an Associate Partner. Prior to that, he spent eight years at Carphone Warehouse Group / The Phone House, where he led the Academy that developed and delivered leadership programs. Ninjo holds a degree in business administration, and is a certified business coach and business champion for start-ups in the HR environment.

About Silvia Colantonio:

Silvia Colantonio is a talent development leader with over 15 years of experience in the public and private sectors in the US and Europe. She joined Zalando in 2018 where she is focused on executive leadership development and coaching governance as Senior Manager of Learning & Leadership Development. Prior to Zalando, Silvia spent 9 years developing and delivering leadership programs to diplomats for the U.S. Department of State. Silvia studied Business Administration and Management at the University of Maryland and is an ICF-accredited coach.


Simone Mählmann

Simone Mählmann

Sharpist’s Director Customer Advisory and certified business coach
Andrea Marx

Andrea Marx

Consultant and certified systemic coach (dvct)
Ninjo Lenz

Ninjo Lenz

Associate Partner People & Culture at Porsche Consulting
Silvia Colantonio

Silvia Colantonio

Senior Learning & Development Specialist at Zalando SE